170. What Gift Is Your Body That You Have Not Acknowledged?

Aug 24, 2023
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Do you judge your body? Maybe you judge it as too fat, too thin, too old, too inflexible, too slow, etc. There is a litany of judgements that most people have about their bodies. What most people do not realise, however, is that things do not change if you are in judgement of them!

Today's episode is all about bodies; specifically, the GIFT of bodies. Join Simone Milasas as she relays experiences from her own life where she has not honoured and trusted her body, judged it severely, and not had allowance for what was going on for her body, including times where she has been in immense pain. She takes you on a journey of awarenesses that she has gained from the experiences she has had with her own body.

Simone is continually asking to gain even more awareness with her body. What if you could be really vulnerable with what you have chosen with your body over the years, and try not judging your body and having gratitude for it instead? We can all have more relaxation with and gratitude for our bodies, and more of the 5 elements of intimacy. Do you choose it?

Keys to success
  • Coming Out Of Judgement Of Your Body
  • The 5 Elements Of Intimacy With Your Body
  • What Works For Your Body?
  • The Gift Of Pain
  • A Moment With Your Body
  • Daily Questions:
  • "What if I had no judgement of my body? What if I had gratitude for my body? What if I had trust of my body, was honoring of my body, was in allowance of my body and was willing to be really vulnerable?"
  • "What movement would my body like today?"
  • "What can I do with this? What awareness can I gain with this?"
  • “How can I look at this as a gift?" 
  •  "What gift is here that I haven't been willing to acknowledge?"
  • “Body, do you actually want to choose this?
  • “What else is possible?”
  • "Thank you body for giving me this awareness. I'm so sorry I am not as smart as you. Is there another way that you can show me this?"

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