Welcome To The Choice & Contribution Membership!

Every single person choosing something more contributes to all of us.
That’s how it works.

We get to choose, change and take action that creates a different future.
What would you like to choose? What would you like to change?

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Choice is the beginning of a different reality for you….
Choice is the request for something to show up.
Choice is the ultimate contribution. There is space in contribution. In choice you create possibility.


Contribution is an ongoing addition to life. It's the gift you can be and receive. Everything in your life can be a contribution but you have to be willing to receive from it.
This membership is about creating that space for anyone who wants to choose something different. What can we contribute to each other? 

Included Each Month In Your Membership

Live Call

The main call of the month with Simone. 

Private Group

WhatsApp group with Simone & Members to engage.

Hot Seats

Two open private session with Simone, two members per month.

Guest Facilitator

Sporadic bonus calls with a guest facilitator.

Surprise Gifts

Receive random snippets from classes or calls with Simone.


Audio & video recordings in your digital library.

Signing Up Made Easy

$125 Monthly Subscription 


The Schedule For The Month

Main Call

Who or What Are You Presuming To Be That Keeps You From Being You?

15 February 1pm PST

Hot Seat Session

Open Private Session

13 February 5pm PST

Hot Seat Session

Open Private Session

24 February 3.30pm PST

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