156. Trouble in Business? What if You Faced It Head On?

May 17, 2023

Do you live paycheck to paycheck? Is the recession affecting you? Have you lost all your money on a ‘bad’ investment?

What if you faced anything that occurs head-on? 

In this episode, Paula Peralta again hijacks the podcast to interview Simone Milasas with questions sent in by listeners. This time, about business and finances.

Simone loves business. For her, it is so much fun. What if none of it was serious? What if it's relaxation? Whilst interesting things might show up, it's about, how are you going to handle it? No matter what comes at you, what if you took everything on from this relaxation?

Keys to success
  • You Get To Choose Your Business
  • Get Familiar With Your Finances To Change From Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • What Is It You Desire to Create As Your Life?
  • Generating More Revenue
  • Simone’s #1 Tip In Business
  • Hiring People
  • Bouncing Back From A Bad Investment
  • Surviving A Recession

Daily Questions
  • "What else can I add to my life? What else can I add to my business?" 
  • “What is it I desire to create as my life? What is it I desire?”
  • “What do I love to do?”
  • “Can you help me to create this?”
  • “What awareness did I gain?”
  • “What future am I creating?”
  • "This is happening around me. Is this affecting me?" 
  • “Can I handle this? Or do I need to do something?”
  • "What's my reality and what is it I would like to create?"
  • “How can I choose joy with money?”
  • “What is actually available to me?”

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