149. Finding a Relationship Is Not a Checklist!

Mar 29, 2023

Do you desire a relationship but you just can’t seem to find ‘the one’? Are you in a long-term relationship but you are not sure you still want to be? Relationship is a topic that people so want to get right. What if you are willing to be wrong and willing to change anything and everything? 

In this episode, Paula Peralta hijacks the podcast for a second time and interviews Simone Milasas about two common relationship questions: how do I invite a relationship into my life, and what do you do when a relationship has gone stale? 

There is so much more available in relationships. It starts with you getting really vulnerable with what it is you would like to create; where are you at, where you would like to go and what would it take to get you there.

Simone’s advice? Get vulnerable and take some action in all of your relationships. It's only going to make your life greater!

Keys to success
  • Do You Actually Truly Desire A Relationship?
  • What Is It You Are Asking For? 
  • What Action Can You Take? 
  • It’s Not A Checkbox
  • It's Not Just For Romantic Relationships
  • Has Your Relationship Gone Stale?
  • What Needs To Change?
  • The Tools Work For All Relationships

Daily Questions
  • "Is this really relevant?"
  • "Have we done what we were meant to do together?"
  • “What else is possible now?”
  • "Can my partner actually deliver this? Are these unrealistic expectations?"
  • “Is that the relationship I want to create?”
  •  "What energy can we add here to create this relationship to be greater?"
  •  "What else can I include in my life?"

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