148. What if Relationship Could Be Play?

Mar 22, 2023

Do you do relationship just like your parents did? Are you attracted to assholes? Do you run a mile when someone shifts from needing you to becoming needy? These are all questions about how people do relationship in this reality. What if there was another approach?

In this episode, Paula Peralta hijacks the podcast and interviews Simone Milasas about common relationship questions that people have, including how to not recreate the relationship your parents had, a conversation on winners, losers and no counts, and what to do when someone is being needy in a relationship. 

All of Simone’s answers come from her approach to any relationship, which is, "How empowering can I be to everybody so they can be everything they can totally be?"

A good relationship is a lot of hard work. But, if you can laugh at yourself and acknowledge what it is that you have been choosing, then you can choose something different. There are many tools available that can assist you with that change. Play with the tools and use them to play and engage with each other.

Keys to success
  • Changing Familial Relationship Patterns 
  • Is It Your Point of View?
  • What Works For You?
  • Make The Demand To Choose Something Different
  • Winners, Losers, No Counts
  • How Did I Create This?
  • Needy People
  • Using Energy Flows
  • Gratitude
  • An Invitation To Play

Daily Questions
  • "Is that my point of view? Or is it someone else's point of view?"
  • "What actually works for me?"
  • "If I was choosing for me, what would I choose?"
  • "How did I create this?"
  • "What do I love about this energy?"

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