147. What’s Choking You? Money or You?

Mar 15, 2023

Are you happy with your current financial situation? Simone didn’t always have the money she has now. In fact, she was $187,000 in debt. She knew that she had to change things, and it all started with that choice to change. And, using the tools of Access Consciousness. 

In this episode, Simone Milasas talks with Paula Peralta about ways to change your financial situation, starting with choosing it. If you are not happy with your situation, you can change it too. 

It’s your choice. It’s up to you! You are so much more brilliant than you realise.

Keys to success
  • Gratitude
  • 5 Elements of Intimacy
  • Duplicating Ease With Money
  • It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint
  • Lean Into It
  • You’ve Got To Reach For It
  • More Money Tools
  • It’s Up To You. It’s Your Choice

Daily Questions
  • "Where can I find the ease in my life and duplicate that?"
  • “What are the steps? What actions are required in order to create this thing that I want?”
  • "What would it take for _________”
  • “POC and POD everywhere I have uninvited money today”
  • "If I was creating my financial reality today, what would I choose?" 
  • “If I didn't have a money problem, what would I choose?”

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