146. Are You Enjoying Your Relationships?

Mar 09, 2023

Did you have a Valentine this year? Or are you single? Valentine’s Day is interesting, to say the least. It brings up a lot of stuff for people. 

Simone never had a thing for Valentine's Day nor thought she had to celebrate it, but it's got this energy in the world of, "What is the right thing to do?" What if there was no right relationship? What if you always chose what works for you?

This episode is a recording of a Facebook Live that Simone did on Valentine’s day, where she talks about what else is possible for you when you eliminate the projections and expectations and the ‘rightness’ and ‘wrongness’ of all your relationships; whether that is with your family, your kids, your colleagues, your friends or your lovers and partners and husbands and wives, etc.

There is so much more choice available, so what are you going to choose? What if you started to enjoy all your relationships, including the one you have with you and your body?

Keys to success
  • The Trap of Valentine’s Day
  • Are You Enjoying Your Relationships?
  • Presumptive Realities
  • Destroy and Uncreate All Your Relationships
  • Know What You Enjoy
  • Ask For More Kind People To Show Up

Daily Questions
  • "What else is possible?"

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