143. Magic Is About Receiving

Feb 16, 2023

What if everything you once imagined possible actually is possible and more? What if everything you ask for can show up beyond your imagination? What else could be possible then?

In this episode, Simone Milasas talks about the magic of receiving rather than the need to control what occurs. How we are the miracle and the magic, and all you need to do is ask for what you desire.

You as an infinite being have the capacity to receive infinitely. And when you receive infinitely, magic can truly show up in your life. But to have the magic, you have to be willing to receive.

Keys to success
  • You Are Magic 
  • Magic Exists Beyond Imagination
  • Magic Is About Receiving
  • Magic Is Not Control
  • Destroy and Uncreate Your Life
  • It’s Your Choice Whether To Receive Or Not
  • Receive Everything
  • Does It Make You Happy?
  • What Are The Infinite Possibilities?
  • What Is True For You?
  • Magic. You Are It. Be It

Daily Questions
  • "Universe, please show me something beautiful today."
  • “What would it take to create from receiving?"
  • "If I wasn't controlling what could I change?” 
  • "If I wasn't controlling, what could I let go of?"
  • "Does this make me happy?"
  • "Please universe, show me something greater.”
  • "Please universe, show me the ease I can function with today." 
  • "Please universe, show me me as happy. Show me the choices I have." 

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