141. What Are You Resisting With Money That Will Change Your Life the Most?

Feb 01, 2023

What is your current financial situation? Are you happy with it, or would you like it to change? 

Simone had created a financial mess for herself until she made the demand to stop resisting and actually use the tools of Access Consciousness on her money situation.

Over the years, she has found that what you resist tends to be the area that creates the most change when you actually take action and use the tools. 

This episode is an excerpt of Simone Milasas talking with Nikolett Erdélyi on a call for Nikolett’s membership about the change that can occur when you actually take action and use the tools.

A lot of you know the Access Consciousness tools, but do you use them?  You’ve got to take action and use them for them to work!

Keys to success
  • Make The Demand Of Yourself To Start
  • Ask For More
  • Use The Tools
  • Carry An Amount Of Money A Wealthy Person Would
  • Start A 10% Account
  • From Debt To A Quarter Of A Million Dollars In Jewellery

Daily Questions
  • "What would it take for today to be greater than yesterday?”
  • “What more can we ask for? What more can we receive today?"
  • “What more commitment can you be to yourself today?”
  •  "What new reality is available for me today?"

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