139. Engaging - Just for the Fun of It!

Jan 19, 2023

Are you someone who enjoys engaging? 

Or do you identify with the Charlie Brown meme where Charlie says to Snoopy, “I’m not going outside today. It’s too peopley out there;” when you come across people, you have your barriers up, head down and shy away from any encounter with them?

In this episode, Simone Milasas talks with Alison Cox and Arthur Wood about engaging beyond words. There is so much more available when you engage with possibilities; the engagement with happy, the engagement with ease, the engagement with greater than we can imagine.

There is a simultaneous gifting and receiving from engaging. What could you create if you engaged with the entirety of the universe?

Keys to success
  • The Joy of Engaging With Others
  • Engaging With People Who Don’t Want To Talk
  • When Your Interaction With Others Isn’t Fun
  • Barriers Down
  • Don’t Be Vested In The Outcome
  • Creating Possibilities Beyond What You Can Imagine
  • The Gift Of Engagement
  • Interesting Point Of View
  • Who Does It Belong To?
  • Tools To Engage More


Daily Questions
  • “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory,”
  • “Am I contracting? Do I have barriers up?”
  • “What am I asking for with this person? Is it just to have fun?”
  • "How can this turn out greater and better than I could ever have imagined?" 
  • "What would I like that I don't even know that I would like right now?"
  • "Universe, surprise me. Universe, show me something else. Universe, show me something magical. Universe, show me more of me today."
  • "That's cool. Now what else is possible?"
  •  "What would I like with my day?"
  • "Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures will I have?"
  • “Interesting point of view I have that point of view”
  • “Who does it belong to?”


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