137. What if There Is Nothing To Do, but Just Be?

Jan 05, 2023

“Where did the year go?” 

It’s common for people to incredulously wonder where the year went at the end of every year. But do you want to be going, “Where did my life go?” at the end of your life? Or would you prefer to go, "Oh my goodness, have I got some stories to tell!”

In this episode, Simone Milasas talks with Paula Peralta, whose Instagram bio is ‘Creating a life that you don’t need a vacation from’, about a different perspective on creating your life. 

Simone herself has lived a colourful life so far, and there is nothing that she regrets doing.  She also knows that her life just keeps getting better and better and better, and greater and greater and greater! 

When you are being, you are creating. What if in 2023 you truly stepped into creating the life you desire by choosing to be in every moment?


Keys to success
  • Creating A Life That You Don’t Need A Vacation From
  • Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • You Are Not Wrong
  • The Small Steps Count
  • Choose Something Different
  • Increase Your Awareness
  • Choose What Brings You Joy
  • What Can You BE?


Daily Questions
  • "Where have I not fully valued me? And what's available?"
  • “What would I like to change here?”
  • “What action can I take?”
  • "What would be fun for me? What do I enjoy? What do I love?"
  • "In this very moment, what would I like to enjoy?"
  • “What can I be today?”

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