136. Tools To Choose Your Life!

Dec 28, 2022

Do you normally make New Year's resolutions? New Year’s resolutions are designed to make you go into judgement of what you have not done and have not chosen. What if you instead looked at what you desired to create as your life and, rather than go into judgement, used it as a refresh; an invitation to choose something different?

In this episode, Simone Milasas takes you through a different way to look at creating the life you desire for 2023 and beyond. What else is possible with creating and generating your life?

Stop looking at what is not and start looking at what is. It’s not about writing your desires down and that is the answer. It’s about having clarity. What is it you are asking for?

What if 2023 was about asking for what it is your truly, truly desire and deserve?

Keys to success
  • What Is Your Ask For 2023?
  • Being 100% Committed To Your Life
  • Creating The Money You Desire And Deserve
  • Homeplay With Money
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Body
  • Geographical
  • Consciousness, Being & The Earth
  • What Is Your Word For 2023


Daily Questions
  • "What next?"
  • “What would I like to choose?”
  • "What is it I would like to create with money?"
  • “What action can I take that would allow more of this to show up?" 


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