130. The Magical Creation of El Lugar

Nov 16, 2022

Do you desire a place where you can choose to have a different possibility on the planet? Where you can receive from the entirety of the earth! 

In this episode, Simone Milasas speaks with Heather Nichols, a Business Done Different Facilitator and investor at El Lugar, about the business of creating El Lugar and how you can not only contribute to the creation of that place of possibilities on Earth, but you can apply the tools used to your business.

Simone would like to see us creating different possibilities on the planet. It starts with you. It starts with every single one of us making a different choice.

Keys to success
  • The Place
  • El Lugar
  • The Business of Creating El Lugar
  • Facilitation From El Lugar
  • If It Wasn’t About The Money, What Would You Choose?
  • The Ecosystem of Business
  • What If There Were No Problems?
  • Asking For Help
Daily Questions
  • "What can I contribute to the land? What can I contribute to El Lugar?"
  • “What does the land require, what does the land desire?"
  • “What are the possibilities?”
  • "If it's not about the money, what would I choose?"  
  • “What’s right about this?”
  • “If this was a possibility, what is available?”
  • "Now what next? What is required here? What action can we take?"


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