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You have always had choice.
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Recent episodes

80. Let’s Talk Money & Bodies

Have you had enough of where you are financially? As you start to invest more in you, your life gets bigger. Let’s talk money and bodies with Christopher Hughes!

79. Being Needless

Explore one of the most attractive things you could be in the world, being needless with Simone Milasas.  

78. Are You Flirting With Possibilities?

Flirtation, seduction and what does it have to do with marketing?  Megan Hill shares with Simone Milasas engaging with people in a different way.

77. Where Will Your Life Be In 5 Years if You Choose This?

Have you truly asked what you would like to create as your life? When it comes to relationships do you choose based on happy ever after or what creates more? Christel Crawford shares the questions she asks to create her relationship and her life.

76. Can You Have Allowance in Relationship?

Christopher Hughes talks with Simone Milasas about how to create a great life and great relationships with a pragmatic approach to looking at creation.

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