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You have always had choice.
What change can we be today?


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Episode 51: Are You Honouring You?

Simone Milasas gets together with Wesley Pullen to chat about navigating choosing what you should be choosing or asking the question of what would be honoring of you and watch your life expand!


50. Being Vulnerable Won’t Kill You

Let’s expose vulnerability for what it truly is. What if it’s not what we were taught (a weakness and to never show it)? And if you were to reveal what you have been hiding about you from everyone (maybe even including you) would it really be the end of the world? 

49. The Strength & Courage of Allowance

It takes courage and strength to be in allowance. If you are familiar with the tool of being in allowance, from Access Consciousness maybe this journey of feeling like a doormat allowing yourself to be walked all over and being tolerant of difficult situations, or forcing yourself to be in a zen-like state where you are trying to make yourself feel everything is okay

48. The Adventure of TRUSTING Yourself

We are talking about intimacy! And it’s definitely not what you think it is…. When you get more intimate with you – when you trust you, honour you, have allowance for you, have gratitude for you and the willingness to be vulnerable with yourself it changes the world and your interactions around you.

Choice Change & Action Podcast

47. You don’t need credentials to BE smart!

Fact: You are way more brilliant than you have been willing to acknowledge! This podcast with my wonderful friend Christopher Hughes has breaking news on it… theories and a whole lot of laughter!

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