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You have always had choice.
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Recent episodes

74. Are You the Chooser of Your Reality?

Sarah Watt joins Simone Milasas to talk about when she changed from working because she was good at it to working what brought her joy and choosing her reality.

73. Business Time

Simone Milasas is joined by David Kubes, Access Consciousness international lawyer to share how in just a few ways and with a few tools could take your business global…. Literally!

72. The Future of El Lugar

El Lugar is like nowhere else in the world! Simone Milasas is joined by David Kubes and Claudia Cano who share the adventure of creating this resort while the world is in lockdown and the magic that has been created in 18 months! 

71. You Are Not Alone

Brendon Watt joins Simone Milasas to remind you that you are not alone, you are never alone and have a vulnerable conversation about being the gift you are in the world.

70. What if the Earth Could Contribute to Changing the Way You Think?

Will Harvey joins Simone Milasas in this episode and reminds us of the simple ways we can reduce stress and increase happiness, joy and gratitude. 

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