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You have always had choice.
What change can we be today?


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Recent episodes

62. Are You Inventing Your Life?

Here is an excerpt of the kick off to the recent Business Done Different Masterclass.  Get a taste for what the beginning of a 4 day exploration into your life and business might start from on this episode.

61. Investing In So Called Volatile Times!

Steve and Chutisa Bowman join Simone Milasas to share how they embrace the volatility of investing and how to use these uncertain times to create more.

Simone Milasas Podcast

60. Complacency Is For Stupid People

Simone is joined by Paula Peralta as they dive into how none of your choices are wrong and how to use it all to create more with the emphasis on choosing for you and what you know what is true for you.

Simone Milasas Podcast

59. Bitches that Bark for a Better World

Are you asking for what you desire? Simone Milasas and Christopher Hughes talk about how being demanding is not a bad thing.

Simone Milasas Podcast

58. Stop Doing. Start BEING to Actualise a Different Future.

Simone Milasas shares what a trip to Margaret River in Western Australia gave her the space to dive deeper and enjoy the exploration into creating in a totally different way.

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