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You have choice.

You have always had choice.
What change can we be today?


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Recent episodes

Simone Milasas Podcast 55

55. Creationship with Your Body

Laura Simmonds shares with Simone Milasas her journey of trust, creation and play with her body that over the years had transformed her life.

54. X-Men: The Undiscovered Possibility

Gary Douglas shares in this episode with Simone Milasas how he came across X-Men a speciality class he created many years ago exploring these supposed wrongnesses as actually our superpowers! 

53. Gratitude Has No Judgement

This episode Simone takes a deep dive into gratitude and how to simply apply it to your life to create dynamic change with ease, joy and glory with Lauren Marie, Sarah Watt and Francesca Fiorentini.

52. Be YOU & Change The World

Be you and change the world! Sounds too easy to be true, yet when you look at your life how often are you being you and how often are you looking outside you to see how to be in the world?

Episode 51: Are You Honouring You?

Simone Milasas gets together with Wesley Pullen to chat about navigating choosing what you should be choosing or asking the question of what would be honoring of you and watch your life expand!

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