Welcome to the Most Different Series You Can Choose with Your Body!


About This Series

For years I used to judge my body for the way it looked. I would apologize for my body and choose men to have relationships with who judged my body, too. I would be asked to do classes on bodies and so many emotions would come up … I was embarrassed. My body felt tired, bloated and exhausted.

Since then, I’ve been choosing to change my relationship with my body. I made a demand that I stop all the judgments.

Although I haven’t gotten it “right”, so much has changed. I get to wake up happy with my body and I’m choosing every day to create something greater with my body than I had yesterday.

Would you like to have a place where there is no judgment of your body? Where you can embrace and engage with your body in a totally different way?

I invite you to The Body Series, where together we can go on an exploration of what’s possible in a world beyond judgment of our bodies.

Every molecule inside your body is changing every nanosecond … are you resisting or ready to ride the wave?

Dates & Times

Call 4: 15 August 2pm PST
*more times to be announced

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Prerequisites Required: Access Bars or Being You Changing The World Class at anytime

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$1600 USD

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What's Included? 

  • 7 Live Calls with Simone
  • Audio & Video Recordings
  • Written Clearings & Audio Loop
  • Private WhatsApp Group
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