215. Body Whispering

Jul 03, 2024
body whispering by dain heer

Do you have the opinion that if you didn't have a body everything would be so much easier? Are you in constant conflict with what your body desires? If you can be in communion with your body, so much more is available.

Today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action is a recording of the final call of the Body Whispering Book Club series, where Sarah Watt and Viv Adcock interview Simone Milasas about her relationship with her body.

Simone says she has spent most of her life ignoring her body. She had the belief that if she didn't have a body everything would be much easier, and whilst she never judged her being she would always judge her body. She has learnt to change this, and is now much more in communion with her body, choosing with it instead of against it, creating a sense of peace and space.

Imagine a world where you could create possibilities with your body.

Keys to success

  • Are You Choosing From Conflict With Your Body?
  • Choosing Ease, Joy And Glory
  • Being An Inspiration
  • From Problems To Possibilities
  • Choosing For You And Your Body
  • What Else Is Possible?

Daily Questions

  • "What would it take to choose not from conflict?"
  • “What else is possible?”
  • "What are the infinite possibilities here?"

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