214. Here's The Thing About Personalities

Jun 26, 2024
podcast about consciousness

What do you do when you feel an intense energy projected at you? A lot of people create Personalities to deal with it rather than being them.

This episode of Choice, Change and Action is an excerpt from The Profit Club, Simone Milasas’ monthly membership, which dives into the topic of Personalities and how they impact the way you interact with people, money and business.

What if you now stand out from the crowd and choose as you? As you are capable of, as your abilities are? Be so different that you never created a personality anymore; because you are being. 

Keys to success

  • How Much Do You Choose From Familiarity?
  • Personalities And Money
  • Personalities And Tax
  • Personalities And People
  • Personalities And Vilification
  • Personalities And Business

Daily Questions

  • "Is this personality or being?" 

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