206. Are You Being True To You?

May 01, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Are you choosing what is true for you or are you choosing what is true for others?

This episode of Choice, Change and Action, is an excerpt of a zoom that was held for Access Consciousness Facilitators in the Americas. Join Simone Milasas as she goes through some examples of how choosing for you not only creates greater, but allows other people to choose for themselves too.

Choice is not about making the right choice, or getting permission to choose, or only choosing when something else occurs first, like having enough money. As long as you are trying to control your choices, you will have a limited reality. Your limited reality may be better than most, but are you being as great as you? 

This is your life. What is true for you? 

Ask questions and just choose! See what shows up. That’s the adventure of living.

Keys to success
  • What Is Your Point Of View?
  • Will Your Choice Create Greater?
  • What Are You Waiting For?
  • Allow The Universe To Contribute To You
  • You’ve Got This!
  • Who Are You Choosing For?
  • Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone
  • Take Some Action
  • Don’t Wait, Create
Daily Questions
  • "What am I aware of?"
  • "Whose universe am I in?"
  • "Is this mine?"
  • "What is true for me?"
  • "What else is possible?"
  • "How did we get so lucky?"
  • "Who does it belong to?"
  • “Who am I choosing this for?”
  • "If I was choosing my reality with money, my financial reality, what would I choose?”
  • “What do I know?”
  • "Body, if you were choosing what is true for you, what would you choose with money today?"
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