205. Let’s Choose With The Earth

Apr 25, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Does your body crave nutrient rich food grown in soil with soul? 

We've got to stop being consumers and start being producers. We need to create a different reality to what we are living, because we are poisoning ourselves. A lot of people will take from Mother Earth, and we just need to start giving back to her. If you give back to her more, she is going to look after us.

In honour of Earth Day, Choice, Change and Action is presenting people throughout April who play with the Earth. In this episode Simone Milasas talks with her gardeners, Wil and Diogo, about Syntropics, Food Forests, Regenerative Farming and choosing together with the Earth.

Wil and Diogo’s mission is for everyone to reconnect with the Earth; to listen to the whispers of the land, be at one with the Earth, and choose that which works for both of you. To them, soil and soul are indistinguishable. 

It's about the connection; the communion and the engagement we can be with each other and with the Earth.  It doesn't have to be this really hard, significant thing. It’s about trust and play. What can you contribute to the Earth and what can the Earth contribute to you?

Keys to success
  • The Desire For Something Else
  • Hearing The Call Of The Land
  • Connecting Beyond Family
  • Letting Fun And Play Back In
  • Syntropics And Food Forests
  • Wil’s Flute
  • What Are You Putting Into Your Garden?
  • Getting Started
  • You Can’t Rush A Garden
  • What’s Your Mission?
  • Organic Versus Regenerative Farming
  • What About Snakes?
  • Have Gratitude For Everything
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