203. Did You Ever Desire to Create a Forest?

Apr 10, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Have you ever desired to create something that will last beyond your lifetime?  

In honour of Earth Day, Choice, Change and Action is presenting people throughout April who play with the Earth. In this episode Simone Milasas talks with Sul Wynne-Jones who is currently regenerating a local rainforest; something where the effects probably won’t be seen for a few hundreds years, and he loves it!

For so many people, when they go into a forest, there is a different energy available in their body; you get that sense of relaxation and that energetic contribution. The forest is something we can all enjoy and receive from, and Sul would like to see more of that in the world. 

Sul is starting with the assisted regeneration of the rainforest in his local area, and he will see what comes in the future. What is it you would like to create?

Keys to success
  • What Can You Create Beyond Your Lifetime?
  • Listen To The Land
  • Ask Plants What They Desire
  • Where Can You Create Something Different?
  • You Are A Part Of The Earth. What Can You Receive From It?
Daily Questions
  •  "What could you create that could go beyond your lifetime?"
  • "What is going to create the most in this situation?"
  • "What do I know about this?" 
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