202. What Is The Earth Showing You?

Apr 04, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

What if you allowed yourself to be with Earth in a different way? What could you receive from the Earth? 

In honour of Earth Day, throughout April, Simone Milasas will be interviewing a range of people who play with the Earth. In this episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone talks with Monica Gillam about plants, nature and the beauty of the Earth and what it can show us.

The Earth is very willing to be kind to you and not judge you. It’s inviting us energetically and physically into being alive. Are you actually living or are you just getting by and trying to do the right thing whilst judging you are wrong? It’s up to all of us to create that different energy with the choices we make. One simple thing that you choose could change the future.

What choice could you make today that would allow that future to start to blossom; literally!

Keys to success
  • Monica’s Secret Agenda
  • Creating A Change
  • The Sixty Year Plan
  • Creating A Difference Through Engaging With People
  • Become Enlivened By The Earth & Its Produce
  • Playing With Plants
  • Talking To Plants
Daily Questions
  • "When I die, what would I like to leave behind?"
  • "What can I contribute here that will continue to grow for 100 years?"
  • "What kindness can I be today?" 
  • "What can I gain here?" 
  • "What did I gain here today talking to this plant?" 
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