199. Be You in Business and the Money Will Come!

Mar 14, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Are you struggling with the structures of money and business? Every single person out there has the ability to create anything that they desire, and the money will come if you find out what it is you are truly great at.

In today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas talks with Megan Hill, an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and social media manager for Access Consciousness, about being willing to follow the energy in business and not judge yourself along the way.

If you are constantly willing to change on a dime, you cannot fail. Businesses all over are struggling because they have put all these structures in place and don't have the tools to go beyond where they currently are. And, most of us have never been given the freedom or even the question of "What are you so great at that nobody else is great at?"

Simone would like to inspire you to be something different here on the planet. 

Keys to success

  • Acknowledge Yourself
  • The 5 Elements Of Intimacy With Business
  • Systems Versus Structures
  • Going Beyond Structures
  • The Joy of Business
  • What Are The Infinite Possibilities?
  • Creating Space Through Relaxation
  • Let The Energetic Universe Contribute
  • What Do You Truly Desire?
  • What Are You Great At?

Daily Questions

  • "How are we going to get there? What are we going to choose? When and where?" 
  • “What else is possible here?”
  • "What do I have to choose here that would be honouring of me?"
  • "What do we need to change with the format for this to explode?"
  •  "What are the infinite possibilities with this?" 
  • “How can balance work for me and my business?”
  •  "What are the infinite possibilities with this?" 
  • "What would I like to be with the Earth/ my body/ my business/ etc. And what would I like to explore?"
  • "What are you so great at that nobody else is great at?" 

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