198. You Get To Choose You. Are You?

Mar 06, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

What are you currently choosing as your life? Do you get that you have created everything by the choices you made? What you are currently choosing is not wrong, and would you like to choose something greater? Would you like to choose something different?  

In today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas talks about actually choosing your life and living. Every choice you make creates; it creates your future, it creates your today, it creates your now. What are you saying you are going to do later that if you chose it now would create your life greater today?

Are you truly enjoying living? It's a demand of yourself and a request of the universe to have something greater, to be something greater. You are the one who gets to choose your life. 

Simone would like to invite you to a different possibility, but it's up to you. You need to choose for YOU!

Keys to success
  • Are You Trying To Fill The Space?
  • Look At The Life You Are Currently Choosing
  • Who Are You Choosing For?
  • Come Out Of Judgement And Start Choosing Your Life Instead
  • Start To Discover What You Would Like To Choose As Your Life And Living
  • Is Now The Time?
Daily Questions
  • "Relax!”
  •  "What is this?" 
  • "What if I relaxed in this moment of space, then what else could show up?" 
  • "What would I like to choose? What would be nurturing, what would be joyful for me?"
  • "Does this work for me? Do I like the life I am choosing?"
  •  "How am I going to handle this?”
  • “What is this energy that is showing up in my world?" 
  • "Is this working for me?"
  • “What would I like to create?”
  • "What would it take for me to choose this? To create the space so that I can have this in my life?"
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