192. Honouring You With YOUR Money!

Jan 24, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Do you have a 10% Account as an honouring of you? Perhaps you started a 10% Account previously but stopped? Or, maybe you are wondering whether or not you should dip into your 10%?

Today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action is an excerpt from a Business Done Different class recently facilitated by Simone Milasas and Dr. David Kubes in Dubai, all about the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a 10% account to honour you. 

Don’t know what a 10% Account is, or simply want to know more about it? Join Simone and David to find out.

Keys to success
  • What Is A 10% Account?
  • Why Start A 10% Account?
  • What Happens If I Spend The Money?
  • What If You Invited The Money You Require Instead?
  • Start To Reach Higher
  • A Buffet Of Possibilities

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