191. What Creates Judgement?

Jan 17, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Are you functioning from projections, expectations and judgements of you or others? Do you get that whatever you are projecting at, expecting of, or judging actually controls you?

In today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas talks about projections, expectations and judgements in depth, and how they affect you in business, relationships, with money and in life. 

There is no separation between us except for the judgements we have. And, a lot of the judgement begins from the projections and expectations that you have of you and of others, which creates this rejection of what is actually possible. 

You can receive everything when you have no projections, expectations or judgements! 

Keys to success
  • Now Is The Time!
  • You Are An Infinite Being
  • Expectations
  • Projections
  • Projections & Expectations in Business
  • There Is Always More Possible
  • Choice Versus Control
  • How Many Projections & Expectations of Others Are You Trying To Fulfill?
  • What Do You Want To Create In The World?
  • Projections, Expectations & Judgements of You

Daily Questions:
  • "What next?"
  • "Is this going to create something greater?" 
  • “Does this match the energy of what it is I would like to create in the world?" 
  • “What can I receive today beyond expecting anything?"
  • “What else is possible?”

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