183. What Do You Choose in the Face of Vilification?

Nov 22, 2023
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

What do you do when someone hates you publicly? Do you crumble in a heap or do you stand your ground with what you know is true for you? It’s always about what do you choose next?

On today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas tells us about certain situations where she has been publicly vilified and hated, and the choices she made in response to that. 

The episode is jam packed with tools that you can take away and use. Maybe you are not being publicly hated upon, but what do you choose when someone judges you? How often do you have 100 people who are so grateful for you, and one person who is not, and you take that one person's point of view as meaning something rather than the 100 people who are grateful? That is something you need to navigate.

You are not alone. You've got this. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you are choosing. Let's have way too much fun!

Keys to success
  • How Do You Handle Vilification?
  • Stay True To You
  • Dealing With Other People’s Judgements
  • Be The Leader Of Your Life
  • Tools You Can Take Away
  • Clearing The Crap
  • 2024: The Year Of Relaxation

Daily Questions
  • "What else is possible?" 
  • "How does it get any better than this?"
  • "Body, what would you like to look like? What movement would you like today?"
  • "Who do you think of before you choose?"
  • "Where is my energy required today?" "What else is possible?" "How does it get any better than this?" "What can I receive today that I wasn't willing to receive yesterday?"
  •  "What am I looking to create with this choice? What future will be created by this choice?"  
  •  "What am I looking to create with this choice? What future will be created by this choice?"  
  • "If I wasn't judging this and I wasn't making judgement real, what am I aware of?" 

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