182. You THINK You Have a Money Problem!

Nov 15, 2023
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Most people at some stage in their lives have thought they have a problem with money. Some get over it, some live their entire life thinking they have a problem with it, some define their lives by it, some use it as a source of creation, some use it to bitch and moan and be as normal as everybody else so they can never be as different as they truly be.

What’s your reality with money?

On today’s episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas talks with two Access Consciousness Certified facilitators and Joy of Business facilitators, Sarah Watt and Wesley Pullen about their experiences with money.

Simone would like the whole world to know that there is a different possibility with money. You can be the one complaining about money and leading that party or you can be the one that stands in the room and says "I don't have a money problem. I'm good." It's your choice. 

But you have to choose it!

Keys to success
  • What Experience Did You Have Growing Up With Money?
  • The Turning Point
  • What’s Your Reality With Money?
  • Trusting The Process
  • Receiving
  • Nobody Needs To Have A Money Problem
  • Recommendations For Change
  • Tools You Can Start To Use Now

Daily Questions
  • "What would my financial reality look like?”
  • “What can I receive?”
  •  "It's not as bad as I think it is. Am I you happy right now?" 
  • "What is my point of view about money?”
  • "I don't have a money problem. I'm good."

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