179. How Vulnerable Are You Willing to Be With Your Body?

Oct 25, 2023
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

How many of you have been choosing to live your entire life in conflict with your body? Is it time to explore a different possibility? Your body is giving you information all the time, but do you actually listen to it?

On this episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas has a very special guest - her body! 

Simone’s body has been with her for her entire life and they have been through much together. She used to judge her body harshly and was continually in conflict with it by overriding what it wanted. Whilst she is not yet 100% out of judging it, she now has a demand to be in communion with her body and to stop judging it whenever she catches herself. To her surprise, what she noticed was, that when she stopped judging her body, it actually started to change.

What alternate reality can you create by being in communion with your body? What if you start being this alternate reality that has so much space in it that it is filled with possibilities?

Keys to success
  • Are You In Conflict With Your Body?
  • You Are The One That Knows
  • Stop Judging Your Body
  • What Have You Been Told About Food And Eating?
  • Allow Yourself To Truly Know Your Body
  • Allow The Space
  • Start Asking Your Body What It Desires

Daily Questions
  • "Body, what are you aware of right now?" 
  • "Body, what can we contribute around the world? Where is my energy required right now?"
  • "What are the truths and lies here?"
  • “How did I get so lucky?”
  • "If I wasn't judging my body, what else is possible?”
  • "Body, what would you like to look like? What would you like to be like? What would work for you?"
  • "Body, would like to show this off?"
  • "Who does this belong to?"
  • "What space can I be with my body? What space can I instil in all my organs? What gratitude can I be for my organs?” 
  • "What space can we be with this situation?"
  • "Body, show me what you would like to choose in movement."
  • "Body, show me what you would like to be eating, if you would like to be eating."

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