122. A New Space for You Through Erotic Story Writing

Sep 21, 2022

Do you function from the way things are ‘supposed’ to be, from what you are allowed to do? In our current society, you are not meant to go outside the ‘box’, and so things stay hidden.  What if they weren’t hidden?

This episode is a little bit different. Simone Milasas discusses the writing of erotic short stories as a means to bring out the passion within you and to have freedom with it, with Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Karen Vanthuyne.

It's a different awareness if you let yourself and your sexuality open up and let your fantasies come out; very different to having barriers up and being afraid to have sex with someone.

Put the fun back into sexuality. Just go for it. Find your fantasies, find what you want in your life about your sexuality and explore it and discover it!

Keys to Success
  • Erotic Story Writing Brings More Play, Exploration & Freedom
  • Just A Different Point Of View
  • Asking For What You Want
  • Explore What It Is You Desire
  • Element Of Sex


Daily Questions
  • "Hey body, what can you receive from this?"
  • "Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have?"
  • “What different possibilities are available?”


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