What would happen if you got out of your own way and asked the Universe to show you the way? We get to choose how to be with everything in life and that is very often the thing that stops us from creating the life and world we know is possible.

Curious? Brendon Watt joins this episode to talk about creating from a world of possibilities and not a world of results and targets and what we think should happen. When we get out of the way and play with the universe things can show up far greater than we could ever imagine.

In this episode you get to explore: 

  • How the easy choice does not always create the most in life.
  • Life lessons learned by a heli-skiing trip….
  • Stop waiting for ‘the day’, ‘the moment’ whatever you are waiting for to arrive and keep choosing.
  • If you lived your life like Max (Simone and Brendon’s dog).
  • No more blaming the universe for what has not shown up yet!

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