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What if what you think is wrong about you is actually the greatness of you?. We are taught in life the status quo and to follow that rather than being asked what do we actually know. Many people spend their lives trying to fit in rather than exploring their strengths and capacities and can leave them very dissatisfied with life. 

Gary Douglas shares in this episode with Simone Milasas how he came across X-Men a speciality class he created many years ago exploring these supposed wrongnesses as actually our superpowers! 

In this episode you get to explore:

  • How Gary saw when you engaged with X-Men kids how they came alive and were more willing to explore their talents and capacities.
  • Some of the talents and capacities X-Men have and how to work with it.
  • Changing your point of view from disabilities to undiscovered possibilities.
  • You were never taught to be the amazingness of you.


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