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Gratitude, often overlooked and misunderstood could be one of the biggest game-changers to create the change in your life you have been asking for.  To create big changes in our life we often look for ‘the big things’ to create that change and often don’t notice the nuances.

This episode Simone takes a deep dive into gratitude and how to simply apply it to your life to create dynamic change with ease, joy and glory with Lauren Marie, Sarah Watt and Francesca Fiorentini.

In this episode you get to explore:

How gratitude creates far greater than love.
What eliminating judgement can leave room for in your life.
How to change things by using gratitude.
The most unselfish thing you can do is ask for more!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Sarah Watt

Lauren Marie

Francesca Fiorentini 

Get the bonus content: 53. Gratitude Has No Judgement