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We are talking about intimacy! And it’s definitely not what you think it is…. When you get more intimate with you – when you trust you, honour you, have allowance for you, have gratitude for you and the willingness to be vulnerable with yourself it changes the world and your interactions around you.
In this episode Simone Milasas and her guest, Paula Peralta talk about one of the elements of intimacy, trust, reverse engineering the idea of trust from looking outward to who you can trust and what they have to do to earn your trust to looking more within as what you truly would like to create as your life and tools to add more peace, joy and trust in what you know.

In this episode you get to explore:

  • What are the 5 elements of intimacy?
  • How to stop cutting off your awareness when you like someone which often leads to disappointment.
  • Tools to trust you more.
  • Choosing your reality and what trust has to do with that.
  • Start trusting your body in a different way. 

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