Have you decided that having a relationship will make you happy? And what happens when you break up? You don’t have to choose trauma and drama in your relationships and even when relationships end.

The month of March we are talking about happiness, but you’re allowed to be happy every day and every month! Emily Russell joins Simone to interview her about ending her eight year relationship with Brendon Watt.

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Listen to learn about ending relationships, doing relationship from question, being an allowance of yourself and your partner, and how to choose happiness whether you’re in or out of a relationship.  

On today’s podcast:

  • Relationship as validation
  • What if you did relationship from question?
  • Being an allowance of yourself and the other person
  • Relationships Done Different
  • Relationship, are you sure you want one?


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Learn how to choose happiness, in or out of a relationship.

Here’s to starting the journey towards a better, more successful you!