Creating new projects is something Rebecca Hulse refers to as “making cool stuff,” and she’s phenomenal at it.

Rebecca has been working with Simone and Joy of Business for several years, and she’s here to discuss her new project, the 2019 Joy of Business Planner.

Listen to learn how to create with ease, joy, and glory, overcome hurdles, ask for help, and create something greater from what you already know.

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On today’s podcast:

    • You’re not wrong for the capacities you have–look at what you’re great at
    • The 2019 Joy of Business Planner is not boring!
    • Access 365 different tools for support through every season, holiday, and time of year
    • Turn problems into possibilities
  • Ask for help and things will become greater


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Learn how to create with ease, joy, and glory.

Here’s to starting the journey towards a better, more successful you!