On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Steve and Chutisa Bowman, and Brendon Watt. They used to have financial 101s together, which Brendon hated at first but things have changed in the last seven years.

Simone calls Steve and Chutisa two of the most creative people she’s ever met as they always ask questions. When Brendon started meeting with them about his finances, he decided he wanted to have money in his life and that meant he couldn’t hide from looking at it.

Be aware of your financial reality and what you can create. Most people ask questions with a decision already behind it, but Brendon says his questions came from seeing everyone else having a better time with their life and deciding he wanted to do the same.

Download the tools and tips in this free download: E010 Be Your Own Financial Genius By Becoming the CFO of Your Life

On today’s podcast:

  • When you make business and money serious
  • Beginning to be the energy of CFO
  • Being a conscious leader
  • Making the choice you want to make
  • Looking at agendas
  • The excitement of creation


In order to create more, you need to be the Chief Financial Officer of your own life.

Steve and Chutisa Bowman and Brendon Watt join Simone in this episode of Art & Industry of Business & Living to discuss how making different choices can help you to create more.

Once you are conscious of your choices and decisions, and you use your awareness in everything you do, your life can change dramatically.

Download the tools and tips in a free PDF: E010 Be Your Own Financial Genius By Becoming the CFO of Your Life