Andrea Belluso is the photographer who took the picture for Simone’s podcast. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Andrea, his wife Amanda Belluso, and her brother Viktor who run House of Belluso together.

Lighting is Andrea’s speciality, and he spreads his knowledge of light in the Art of Light workshops.

He had a period where he didn’t take any pictures for five or six years, and when he finally picked up a camera again he realized it was because the thing that was boring him was the light he was using.

Andrea says people don’t know the value of light, which is why their workshop is open to photographers and also to other people who want to be inspired.

Get the tools and tips on the art of light in this free download: E011 The Art of Light and Playing with Photography

On today’s podcast:

  • The love of photography
  • Where to start behind a camera
  • Inspiring rather than teaching
  • The Art of Light workshops
  • Starting House of Belluso


Whether you’re a professional photographer or you love taking pictures on your phone, realizing the importance of light can make a huge difference in what you create.

Andrea and Amanda Belluso, and Viktor Anderson are believers in playing with a camera and having fun. None of them have been academically trained, yet all of them know how to capture beautiful images.

Download the tools and tips from this episode here.