Are you arrogant enough to be everything you can be? When you are not willing to accept anything less, you know what to create, you know where you want to go – there is an arrogance to that. Are you ready to take the leap and create what you know is possible?

It is your willingness to be different, to create that which you know is possible regardless of what other people think. The arrogance is that willingness to put yourself out there that will change your entire reality and others.

I always knew there was something greater all my life and it takes me to create that regardless of whether people join me on that journey or not. I was misunderstood and made different for it a lot of the time but it doesn’t matter, I know there are far greater possibilities available and that is what I am having! And I have also along the way met some amazing, incredible people that are asking for greater too!

My desire is to invite and empower others to be everything they can be.


Listen here to the way I see the world and me from a recent Choice of Possibilities class.


The Choice of Possibilities (COP) class is where you begin to see what is actually possible for you and where you begin to recognize that your choice is all it takes to create it.  Join Simone Milasas at a Choice Of Possibilities Class somewhere in the world live or on line here.