On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Megan Hill who is one of her favorite people to create with.

Megan spent ten years working in marketing and advertising in the corporate world. She wanted to work with Access Consciousness, but they couldn’t afford her. After having her baby, she didn’t go back to the agency she was working at and had to get clear on what it was she liked doing.

She thought about what she wanted to do, and asked what would it take to use this love to create consciousness? Megan was asked to work for Access Consciousness for a much smaller salary than she was used to, but she accepted with the determination to take on extra things to show what she knew.

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On today’s podcast:

  • The importance of graphics
  • Creating with colors
  • Using images for marketing your business
  • Finding your superfans
  • Being the energy of what you want to create


Megan Hill was working in marketing and advertising in the corporate world for ten years before she had her baby and started working with Access Consciousness.

In this week’s podcast, she talks about the importance of graphics, colors and images in your company marketing, and about creating the energy behind your products.

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