On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Steven and Chutisa Bowman who have been hers and Brendon’s financial advisors for years, and Dr David Kubes who helps with the international law with Access Consciousness.

Simone sees so many people destroy their businesses with micromanaging, and asks ‘what is it about being in charge which leads to micromanaging?’.

When you look at the energy behind being in charge, you see someone who functions from being unhappy with anything unless they do it themselves. They have expectation, projection, and judgement.

A true leader is someone who is always being the question, and functions from the energy instead of trying to control everything. They always see possibilities and know when to sit back.

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On today’s podcast:

  • Being in charge and being blinkered
  • Tools to use to become a leader
  • Taking the world by storm
  • Getting out of micromanaging


There is a difference between being in charge and being a leader. In this episode of Art & Industry of Business & Living, Simone talks to Steven and Chutisa Bowman, and Dr David Kubes about micromanaging.

Learn how to be a leader and how to remove the blinkers that come with being in charge. Download the full show summary here.

Get the bonus: E013 Being In Charge vs. Being A Leader