On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Sarah Watt, Simone’s sister in law, where we talk about the way we create and the way we are with our bodies.

Simone says that she, like most people, used to have her go-to exercise of running but it stopped giving her the results she wanted. Since she’s been training with Sarah, she’s been changing and rearranging what she wants to create with her body.

Sarah used to workout for results, but she also got to a point where things stopped changing. She started looking at what she was creating with her body and deciding what it would be fun to do.

Over the past two years, Sarah has been on a learning curve of how her body works and asking it what it wants.

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On today’s podcast:

  • Looking at exercise differently
  • Know what your body is asking of you
  • Willingness to follow the energy
  • Tools to start understanding what your body wants
  • Look at what you would like to choose


Do you have an exercise routine which you stick to rigidly? Sarah Watt used to until she became so exhausted that she realized she wasn’t asking her body what it wanted to do.

If you remove the judgment on yourself with food, alcohol, and exercise, and start doing what feels good for your body, it can completely change the way you feel.

In this episode of Art & Industry of Business & Living, we talk about how our life is our business and how looking after ourselves relates to our work.

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