On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Simone’s best friend and partner Brendon Watt to discuss relationships and money.

There are so many rules and agendas and points of views about relationships and money, that people hate talking about it. Simone and Brendon give pointers and discuss what they choose, and recommend you choose what works for you.

They have been together for seven years and it hasn’t always been the easiest with money. When they met, Brendon was a tiler and thought he was earning great money, but he’d already spent it before he got it.

He had avoiding money down to a fine science. If he got a bill, he’d throw it in the bin so he didn’t have to deal with it. He’d never been taught how to manage money, so was completely unaware.

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On today’s podcast:

  • Being educated about money
  • Connecting money to intimacy
  • Being willing to ask things to show up
  • Choosing what works for you
  • How to make the future you desire


Talking about relationships and money is always a tough subject, as many people hate to discuss it.

Simone and Brendon have been together for seven years, and talk on this podcast about the money challenges they faced in the early days and give pointers on how to choose what works for you.

Discover the key to a great relationship, and how to make choices on using your finances to create a greater future together.

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