We are joined today by Rebecca Hulse, the Creative Producer of Joy of Business. She runs the show, or herds kittens as she says, with the facilitators which they have all over the world. Rebecca says that to her, leading means learning every day, as every day is different, and is having an overall view of where the business can go and what it can create.

Simone started Joy of Business with a book, and now runs seminars all over the world spreading the message that enjoying your work is not a dirty little secret. You don’t have to dread going to work on a Monday or countdown to the weekend. Their aim is to create businesses all over the world where people are happy being there.

What if everyone can enjoy what they’re doing? From the Joy of Business point of view, in an ideal world, everyone would enjoy it by using the Access Consciousness tools.

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On today’s podcast:

  • A brilliant leader doesn’t always have it right
  • Acknowledging what you know to change everything
  • What is a gaggle?
  • Giving people the green light
  • Giving allowance to the people you work with
  • Live ten-second increments




What if you could completely change your business dynamic, create an amazing work culture, and make everyone feel valuable?

Simone and Rebecca demonstrate how anyone can achieve this if they’re willing to change their point of view, simply by transforming your team into a gaggle.

Learn how to get the best from your staff, and for your business, by making a few important changes to the way you lead.

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