Lauren Marie talks to Simone about Money Mondays, a term she initially coined to try and make her partner excited about getting into a routine of looking at their finances every Monday.

She got the idea from seeing Simone and Brendon taking their laptops to a restaurant to have a date night whilst creating at the same time. Now, Money Mondays has grown into something everyone can get involved in by using the hashtag #MoneyMonday on social media or by joining the dedicated Facebook group.

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On today’s podcast:

  • What is Money Monday?
  • Taking time to look at what you’re creating with your partner
  • Acknowledging what you are creating
  • Asking for something greater
  • What else is possible?


Figuring out your finances doesn’t have to be boring, as Lauren Marie proves with her phrase Money Monday.

Originally coined to make her partner excited about going through their finances together, she proves that a date night of finances can be romantic as it gives you a chance to look at the future you’re creating together.

Do you ignore your financial reality? If you do, you’re making it impossible for anything great to change.

Download the full show script here, and learn how to acknowledge what you’re creating and to ask for something greater:

Grab all the tools and best parts of the show in one download! Money Monday: Why Ignoring Your Financial Reality Won’t Achieve Anything