Welcome to the first podcast for The Art & Industry of Business & Living Podcast.

In this episode, show host Simone Milasas is interviewed by the Creative Producer of Joy of Business, Rebecca Hulse on the meaning behind the podcast, and what you can expect from coming shows.

Access Consciousness has facilitators in 173 different countries, and Simone will invite many of her colleagues on to discuss how to create a life for yourself which is better and greater.

What can you add to your life so it becomes more? You’ll be given the tools to be able to open your mind to answer that question and to create your dreams in this weekly podcast.

Grab all the tools and best parts of the show in one download!

On today’s podcast:

  • Picking the title for this podcast
  • If you have blood running through your veins, you’re in business!
  • What makes business an art?
  • What Simone is excited about creating
  • The tools to improve your life are simple



If business is the act of creating, then business must be an art. Simone discusses why with Rebecca Hulse, and talks about what to expect in the new The Art & Industry of Business & Living podcast.

Learn how to implement the simple tools you need to make a change in your life, and to recognise how many possibilities really are available to you. If you remove the roadblocks in your point of view, anything is achievable.

What if right now, listening to this podcast, you gave yourself permission to create something greater?

Download the full show script and start the journey to changing your life:

Grab all the tools and best parts of the show in one download! E001 Business is Art and Your Life is Your Business