What if you could go into this year joyfully getting out of debt?  What if you started to have fun with this, no matter how sad you think it is?  Because you thinking it is, creates it as a problem and no one needs to have a money problem.

Once I was talking to Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness about my money problems and he referred to it as ‘the money problem you think you have’.  And I realised that what I thought was a money problem was actually not being able to fly myself, my partner and my stepson business class from Australia to America to Europe.  It’s not really a money problem!  This problem was  far cry from being $187,000 in debt years before which I had since changed.

How many of you think you have a money problem and you might not actually have a money problem; you’ve just created some debt that you can actually change?

Where do you start?

Start by making a demand of yourself that no matter what it takes, no matter what it looks like, you’re going to be aware of your finances.  You are demanding of yourself and you are requesting of the universe.  The universe is so willing to assist you.

Look at how much have you been willing to receive – the debt, the wrongness, the judgements of you and you haven’t been willing to receive the greatness of you, what you can actually create, what you are actually capable of and what you can change?  Because you can change anything.

Right now, in this moment, do you actually have a money problem?  Or do you tap into everything you created as ‘debt’, and debt is a judge-able offence in this reality, and then create that you have a problem.  Rather than asking a question, for example “How did I create this?”, and looking at what you can do to change it.