Here’s something we often don’t get: choice creates our reality.  Have you ever looked for the reasons and justifications as to why something is not happening? Blaming someone or something else?  In truth, you have choice to do anything and you need to make different choices if you want your life to change. You can change anything with your choice. No matter what isn’t working for you, you can always choose something different and empower yourself to create the life you know is possible.

What choices are you making that are creating your reality as it currently is?  And what choices could you change and do different?  

You have literally got to be the one that makes a choice; you can’t have someone else do it for you.  For example, if you are in a bad relationship, you are the one who has to make the choice to leave or to stay.  You are the one who creates a choice to create a completely different reality, or maintain your current one.

So what choices do you need to make today to get to where you want to go?

Tip #1.  Ask yourself, “What do I want my life to be like in 12 months time?” and start making choices that bring you towards that.  For every choice you are presented with, ask, “If I choose this, what will my life look like in 12 months time?  Will it look similar to the life I would like to be living?

You don’t have to know exactly what it is going to look like.  What if it is an energy that you are asking to show up in your life?  For example, what if you just asked for a great relationship to show up in your life?  Or what would it take to double your income?  Have fun with it!  And don’t put a time line on it.

To create anything, you have to request of the universe, and demand of yourself.  Demand is part of change and part of choosing.  It’s always about creating more, not less.  Demanding more of yourself.  And, you actually have to ask for the change and make choices that move forward with that.

Tip #2.  Stop judging your past choices. The past is the past.  How many of you are judging what you have done?  What if you stopped judging what you have done and chose something different?  What if nothing you’ve ever chosen is wrong? Choice creates awareness. If something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, you now have that awareness. If you woke up in the morning and you didn’t create your reality on the past, what could you create?  What choices would you make now?  What if you were willing to destroy and uncreate everything that you have created as it currently is; your business as it currently is, your relationship, your parenting, your money, your parents, everything?

Destroy and uncreate your relationship with it.  Now what could you choose?  What else could you create?

Tip #3.  No matter what the situation is, if you are creating it, somewhere you love it.  One of my favorite questions for situations that aren’t working is to ask, “What do I love about this?”, or even, ‘What do I love about creating no change?’

Is the reason for not changing to have an average, real life?  Is that what you really want to create?  Or do you desire something different?  You’ve got to be willing to change and be willing to choose, to create that difference.  Consider, any time that you have ever changed something, has it ever shown up worse?  Would you be willing to trust yourself that things will turn out greater?

This is about creating change in your life, because this is your life; this is it!  Are you enjoying it?