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Work with Simone

Are you ready to commit to your life? Are you making the demand that things change in your life, your business and with your money? Is 2017 the year for the change that you have been asking for?

Simone Milasas, author, entrepreneur and business coach is offering her expertise with creating the life business and money you’re not supposed to have to YOU. There are 3 programs you can choose from each designed to support you with the tools and process to catapult you into a new reality.

The Adventure of Living – $2500  – 3 Month Program

  • The 9-Part Adventure of Living calls with PDFs and Clearing Loops (worth $600)
  • Three 60 minute private coaching calls with Simone (worth $2250)

Within minutes of the first call, I had a tool in my hand that I had never played with before, and instituting that tool has already started to create the BIG ASK I’ve been asking for…. and this is only the beginning! I wonder what else is insanely possible for me and my finances now?  – Maureen Friesen

Living the Life You’re Not Supposed to Have! – $5000 – 6 month program

  • The 9-Part Adventure of Living calls with PDFs and Clearing Loops (worth $600)
  • Six 60 minute private coaching calls with Simone (worth $5100)

Thank you Simone for taking us on a roller coaster ride of possibilities. Though choice and change is not always easy or comfortable the action that follows brings clarity in so many ways. I am so grateful you created this course and I know the contribution it will be to me my business and the Access Oz Shop. I admit finding myself sliding off my seat a few times which to me was an awareness you were literally energetically kicking my BUT? How does it get any better than this?  – Victoria Hickman

Your Life is Your Business and Your Business is Your Life – $15,000 – Year Long Program

  • The 9-Part Adventure of Living calls with PDFs and Clearing Loops (worth $600)
  • Twelve 60 minute private coaching calls with Simone (worth $10,200)
  • Attend three of Simone’s Access Business 101 1-Day Class and 102 2-Day Class classes (worth $5100)

Simone has so much wisdom to share on many levels, particularly in the areas of business.  I attended Simone’s Joy of Business class about 6 months ago and also had a few private sessions with her as a follow up. Simone is not only savvy in business, she is very real and I found her ‘cut to the chase’ way of being in business really helpful to gain clarity, let go and move forward with my business. Her ease with business and in her own life is very reassuring to witness and a breath of fresh air in not only the business arena but in the world at large.  – Vanessa Finnigan

Need a quick change or upgrade to the business of your life?

Book a one-off 30 or 60 minute private session with Simone ($850 per hour)

Interested in finding out more?

Please email marniebarranco [at] accessconsciousness.com with your name, location in the world and what kind of work you would like to do with Simone.