Trusting YOU in Business: Making Choices that Work for You, Your Business & Your Living

On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Emily Russell who she works with at Access Consciousness and Joy of Business.

When Emily was approached to join Joy of business, she thought she didn’t know anything about business to be able to contribute. She had read the book and marked it up more than anything else she’d ever read when she was a stay at home mum and not working. She didn’t realize that your life is your business.

Emily didn’t get all the different things that business could be until Simone asked her “what do you know?” What you know is your life and your business.

What do you know that you haven’t been willing to acknowledge which could change everything?

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On today’s podcast:

  • Trusting yourself and what you know
  • What are you aware of?
  • How to trust yourself and your knowing
  • Following the energy
  • Knowing you can choose again


What do you know? Just because something comes easy to you, doesn’t mean that you should dismiss it as a skill which isn’t valuable.

Simone talks about trusting yourself and what you know with her Access Consciousness and Joy of Business colleague Emily Russell in this week’s podcast.

Knowing that the choices you make don’t have to be perfect, and you can make another choice whenever you want, will give you the freedom to keep moving forward in your life.

Get the bonus content: E007 Trusting YOU in Business


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