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  • Melt Away the Limitations

    There is no body process for stability points, Gary says…it’s CHOICE. Thank-you Simone for creating this phenomenal space and being the Joy of Business. Who cares what I have chosen in the past! What has been so solid, dull, limited, and real to me is melting like snow in the Sahara desert. NOW: I am sensing this delicious awareness of play and possibilities. It’s alive and uncontrollable ? This Foundation class is loaded with tools and processes that I will use for the rest of my life. So much gratitude for you making JOB vital to share with the world. What else is possible?

    Maruta Yallop

  • Joy of Business - The Foundation!

    Firstly Simone thank you for this phenomenal JOB teleclass! Its like a lifeline for me and my business right now and every word, process and information is inspiring me to create more! I am drinking it in like an elixir! Truly for anyone who is interested in business this is the elixir of business they are looking for! I don’t come from a “business family” and always thought I had “no head” for business. I am so very grateful for this foundation class and for your generosity of facilitating the class. I love your energy and how you don’t stop to take a moment and just take us on a wild ride of creation and possibilities and before you know it the class has ended! WOW! The fact you gave more than a thousand percent is already creating change in the world! Thank you so much!

    Vanitha Subramanian